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Значки заводов Factory Signs (2043)

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I (Manufacturas Isart) (Spain)
I (Manufacturas Isart) (Spain, France)
I-Cork (USA)
I.A.S.S. (Italy) 1
I.A.S.S. (Italy) 2
I.A.T.C (Spain)
I.C.C. (Irish Crown Cork Company) (Ireland) 1
I.C.C. (Irish Crown Cork Company) (Ireland) 2
I.G.H. (Spain)
I.G.H. - Murcia (Spain)
I.L.C. (Lemoigne & C.) (Italy)
I.L.L.M.A. (Italy)
I.M.A (Algerie)
I.M.C. (IMC Packaging Ltd.) (Ireland)
I.M.E. (Italy)
I.M.E.R. (Industria Metalgrafica Reggiana) (Italy)
I.M.M. (Italy)
I.R.A.L. (IRAL) (Italy)
I.T.E.A.M. (ITEAM) (Italy)
I.V.V. (Portugal)
IA (Iran Abzar Industrial & Manufacturing Co.)
IC (Belarus, India, Nepal)
ICC (Imran Crown Cork Pvt., Ltd.) 1 (Pakistan, Ireland, India)
ICC (Imran Crown Cork Pvt., Ltd.) 2 (Pakistan, Ireland)
ICC (Imran Crown Cork Pvt., Ltd.) 3 (Bahrain)
ICI (India)
IG (Paraguay)
IIMB (Metal Box Co.) (Great Britain)
iL (Integrated Caps Pvt., Ltd.) (India, Nepal, Sri Lanka)
ILLMA (Italy)
im (Industria Metalgrafica S.A.) (Venezuela) 1
im (Industria Metalgrafica S.A.) (Venezuela) 2
im (Industria Metalgrafica S.A.) (Venezuela) 3
im (Industria Metalgrafica S.A.) (Venezuela) 4
im (Industria Metalgrafica S.A.) (Venezuela) 5
im (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia) 1
im (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia) 2
IM (Serbia, Croatia)
IM PZ (PLUTO d.d.) (Croatia)
ima (Algerie) 1
ima (Algerie) 2
IMC (IMC Packaging Ltd.) (Ireland) 1
IMC (IMC Packaging Ltd.) (Ireland) 2
IMCP (PT Indonesia Multi-Color Printing) 1
IMCP (PT Indonesia Multi-Color Printing) 2
IMER (Industria Metalgrafica Reggiana) (Italy) 1
IMER (Industria Metalgrafica Reggiana) (Italy) 2
IMER (Industria Metalgrafica Reggiana) (Italy) 3
IMLI (Italy)
IMP (Vietnam)
IMV (Metalinas (Industrias Metalicas Vizcainas) S.A.) (Spain)
IN (Inkork Co.) (ИнКорк) (Russia)
Ind. Metal. Vizcainas. S.A. Bilbao (Metalinas (Industrias Metalicas Vizcainas) S.A.) (Spain)
INRESA (Industrias Reunidas S.A. (INRESA)) (Peru) 1
INRESA (Industrias Reunidas S.A. (INRESA)) (Peru) 2
INRESA (Industrias Reunidas S.A. (INRESA)) (Peru) 3
INRESA (Industrias Reunidas S.A. (INRESA)) (Peru) 4
Intac (Italy) 1
Intac (Italy) 2
Intac (Italy) 3
Intac (Italy) 4
ip (Iberplast S.A.) (Colombia)
ipac (Poland, Spain, France)
IRAL (IRAL) (Italy) 1
IRAL (IRAL) (Italy) 2
Iran Crown (Iran Crown Co.) 1
Iran Crown (Iran Crown Co.) 2
IRM (Brazil)
ISART (Manufacturas Isart) (Spain)
ITEAM (Italy) 1
ITEAM (Italy) 2